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The 5 good reasons to train outdoors with MPTraining

Outdoor sports is the ideal choice for the summer season because you get numerous benefits both physically and mentally. First of all the intake of vitamin D which strengthens the immune system and speeds up the metabolism.

Exercising is good for body and spirit health and doing it outdoors increases its benefits. With the arrival of beautiful sunny days and warm temperatures, wear sneakers and go out for a run.

Here are the 5 good reasons to work out in the open

You train at no cost

This type of training compared to a workout in the gym has no cost.

It does more good for bones

“Training in the open air allows you to fill up with vitamin D, which the body is able to synthesize only thanks to the help of the sun’s rays,” the expert explains.

There is no risk of

Getting bored Training in the open air means changing the scenery, being in different places, choosing routes that vary in length, difficulty, landscape imprint. In this way it will always be a new beginning, a new world to explore. Impossible to get bored!

Improves mood

Outdoor physical activity is good for mood because the fresh air and the increased circulation of oxygen in the blood stimulate the release of serotonin, the so-called happiness hormone. So you say goodbye to sadness and anxiety and when you return home you will even be able to sleep better.

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