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How to choose the right running shoe?

Good day, everyone, today we will be putting on our running shoes! Choose running shoes for high arches with our help.

To begin with, not all sports shoes are suitable for this. Sneakers, for example, will not work, just as sneakers for basketball, tennis, walking, etc. will not work. Each sport implies a specific load, and for an unprepared athlete, it is most important to correctly compensate for it so as not to get injured.

There are shoes designed specifically for running – running shoes and spikes – that reduce the risk of injury and help you get good results. We will not talk about spikes in this article, they have their own focus and are not suitable for beginner runners, consider sneakers.

There are several common traits for running shoes:

1) Running shoes (with the exception of some special models) must be cushioned. It should be in the heel of the sole, the same happens in the toe. All manufacturers of quality running shoes indicate the presence and position of cushioning inserts.

2) The outsole and upper of the shoe must be flexible and soft in the forefoot.

3) The outsole has abrasion-resistant rubber inserts. Most often they are located in the heel and on the outside of the toe of the sneaker, where the main load falls.

4) Running shoes are never made of leather or other poorly breathable materials.

5) Rigid upper elements are allowed only in the heel. But they should not be in contact with the leg, rub and press on the Achilles tendon.

6) The lacing should ideally be asymmetrically on the shoe, closer to the inside of the foot.

7) It is better if the lacing loops are not united by a single rigid bar. They need to be able to move somewhat so that the shoe can be pulled tighter over the foot. However, this does not have to be the case.

8) The insole must be removable so that it can be replaced with an orthopedic one if necessary.

9) The weight of a pair of sneakers must not exceed 400 grams.

But that is not all. Just because a shoe is good for running doesn’t mean it’s good for you. There are several factors to consider.

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