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Health Typology by Star Sign

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Every star sign has its weaknesses and strengths. This also applies to health! Whether nervousness or digestive problems – we will tell you what helps from a cosmic point of view with annoying ailments. Learn more about the health of the zodiac signs!


Aquarius is an air sign. He is therefore particularly open and interested in the world. He hardly knows boredom, because there is always something to discover or try out. That’s good, but please not in excess! Otherwise the nervous system suffers, and clearly: If you are constantly busy with a thousand interesting things, it is difficult to find sleep at night.

Although mermen seem to need less of it than other people anyway, it must be a minimum.

The sign Aquarius is associated with the nerves and the legs, especially the calves. And hardly any Aquarius does not know them, the annoying calf cramps during physical-mental overexertion. Also the fidgeting syndrome is part of it. Restless legs demand more relaxation, but also grounding. It’s good to be occupied with the normal everyday things like cooking, cleaning or lazing around, and not tinkering with a new invention in the hobby workshop!

Aquarius should reduce stress in any case, because it is particularly harmful to the nervous system. A regular rhythm would be worth its weight in gold. But that’s exactly what a strong individualist like Aquarius has a hard time with. By the way, the smokers among the Aquarians should seriously think about getting rid of this habit. The nicotine and all the unhealthy additives only make them more nervous and restless.


The pisces is a watermark and therefore particularly sensitive and delicate – just a real sensitive one! It is therefore not surprising that it is susceptible to all kinds of psychosomatic disorders. Stress quickly hits him on the stomach and anger can cause skin irritations.

He finds it difficult not to take everything personally. The difficulty in differentiating himself naturally makes him vulnerable, also to allergies and diffuse food intolerances.

Therefore it is especially important for a fish to pay attention to a conscious lifestyle. Organic products are the first choice and too much chemistry in the household should be avoided. Furthermore, the fish needs a lot of time and leisure to dream, that is its elixir of life. It is very imaginative and loves to indulge in beautiful memories. Preferably at a lake or a stream, because here it refuels best of all new strength. He is not a watermark for nothing. Even with a hot bath he can relax perfectly.

As the fish is also very sensitive on the physical level, it usually reacts well to alternative healing methods such as homeopathy. An experienced doctor or alternative practitioner can heal gently in this way. Especially if the cause of a disease is to be found in the mental area. In order to feel good as a poodle, the fish should think about buying a small indoor fountain and let its creative vein fully develop. A little yoga also brings movement into play and harmonises body and soul.


The ram is a fire sign. That’s why it has so much power and verve. And you can see that. Most rams are very quick-tempered. But they also like to channel their excess energy sensibly, preferably during sports.

A ram wants and needs to let off steam! Anything is suitable for this, and you can really work off your energy. Ball games, but also jogging and cycling are all to his taste.

However, the danger with all this is that he will overexert himself. This can lead to sore muscles or maybe even a small strain. As Aries are quite spirited, they tend to have high blood pressure. However, a bright red head is not always the sign of this, sometimes it also manifests itself in a general feeling of discomfort. Gentle methods and learning patience can help here. This is anyway a life task for these fast, active people. It takes hard practice for a ram to slow down a bit and take more time.

Classically, the sign Aries is associated with the head, and thus also with the teeth. To bite through is exactly his thing, and a well-groomed set of teeth is all the more important. Because if a ram has to subordinate himself too much and does not get a chance, then he grinds his teeth – in the figurative as well as in the literal sense. Too much stress also has a negative effect and plagues many an Aries in the form of migraines. No wonder, this stubborn one always wants to get his head through the wall. A somewhat more relaxed attitude can work wonders here.


The taurus is an earth sign and therefore rather of the slow, thorough variety. He doesn’t get into a hectic rush so quickly and likes it to be comfortable. The bull just knows how to enjoy life. Culinary delights are also part of it, of course.

For a taurus there is nothing better than to end a stressful day with a delicious meal. And for dessert there is a big ice cream with cream.

On the other hand, he doesn’t like to move very much, which of course is not a very figure-friendly combination. It is therefore important for all bulls to integrate at least a minimum of sport into their daily routine. They can hardly bring themselves to do so. But once they start, they usually enjoy it. Calm, balancing sports such as yoga, hiking or swimming are particularly suitable. Afterwards a sauna would be just the right thing to increase the wellness effect and thus also increase motivation.

The weak point of the bull is the neck and neck area. If too much weight is placed on the bull’s shoulders, persistent tension can quickly develop. Yoga and swimming are also very well suited for this. Otherwise, it is important that bulls do regular relaxation exercises and treat themselves to a massage every now and then – especially if they have office jobs. A relaxed basic posture also helps to avoid neck problems.

Since tauruses are particularly harmony-loving and good-natured, they often swallow anger. But only up to a certain degree. If this is exceeded, there is the threat of either a slight pharyngitis or tonsillitis or even quite a thunderstorm. Both could be avoided if the bull opened his mouth earlier and let his anger out.


The gemini is an air sign and therefore quite flexible and very agile both mentally and physically. Doing sports is simply a must for these lively contemporaries.

But they do not want to have to go to the gym first. They prefer to become active spontaneously, just as they please, and like to integrate exercise into their everyday life.

The bicycle becomes a popular means of transport, stairs replace the lift and running becomes a favourite activity not only after a stressful day at work. Walking is the order of the day!

The bronchial tubes, vocal chords and hands are assigned to the twin. If a twin feels constricted in his or her life situation, it can easily lead to temporary asthma. In this case, the twin simply runs out of air. It is therefore important that they always create enough space for themselves to be able to fully enjoy themselves. Rigid daily routines are poison for him.

Twins are very communicative people, and accordingly like to talk a lot – about everything, the news, the last day or whatever else there is to report. Sometimes, however, they overshoot the mark. Then this becomes noticeable in irritated vocal chords and hoarseness. Having nothing to say because no one is listening or you don’t dare to say anything can have the same effect.

Finally, the hands serve to grasp the world. Nervous hands are an expression of inner restlessness, against which one thing helps best: relaxation. Twins should therefore try all kinds of relaxation exercises like Qigong or Yoga. But they can also switch off during a long walk. Meditation exercises, on the other hand, are likely to be rather difficult for these lively signs. Because where so many thoughts are constantly being confused, the mind does not come to rest so easily.


The cancer is a watermark. Crayfish are therefore particularly emotional and also physically very sensitive. Little aches and pains are harder for them to bear than for other people.

They also tend to psychosomatic disorders. It is quite clear that negative feelings also have an effect on health. That is why it is important to remain inwardly balanced and not to be influenced too much by the small hurdles of everyday life.

The sign cancer is associated with nutrition and thus also with the stomach. No wonder that anger quickly hits him on the stomach. If the cancer is a little too busy, it won’t bring down a bite. Camomile tea and a small piece of chocolate for the soul helps here. But if he is well, he cannot resist the many gourmet sins. Therefore, it is important to eat a reasonably healthy diet and avoid poorly digestible foods as well as too much fat, sugar, coffee and alcohol. For the sake of their well-being, smokers among the crayfish should seriously consider stopping smoking.

It is also important that the cancer always gets enough sleep. After all, the moon rules this sign, and it owns the night! Dreaming or not, after eight hours of slumber the world is back to normal for all crabs. You should, however, make sure that the bed is in a good position and that the bedroom is not polluted by electrosmog (electric clock radio, television). A little wellness also contributes greatly to the regeneration of stressed crabs. A day in the thermal bath every now and then is truly balm for the soul!


The leo is a fire sign. Therefore he has a lot of temperament and a distinct urge to move. But even a busy lion needs creative breaks and his beauty sleep to stay fit.

But the most important thing for him is a lot of light and warmth. Only then does he feel really comfortable in his skin. No wonder, as the sun rules over his mark. Quite a few lions emigrate to more southern climes.

The lion is associated with the cardiovascular system. This should be stimulated by regular training. It is enough to take the stairs instead of the elevator more often. The ideal sport is one in which Mr. or Mrs. Leo does not have to follow others. Team games are not possible. Unless the Lion is the boss and in charge. On the other hand, he is not at all fond of subordination.

A healthy diet also contributes to a vital heart. However, too much sun burns, which is why hours of frying on the beach are not exactly good for your health. Although lions can cope better than others, it is precisely this that makes them easily overconfident. The result is a completely unnecessary sunburn, sun allergy or sunstroke.

Since Lions love luxury, wellness is certainly not a foreign word for them. A weekend trip to an appropriate hotel is balm for body and soul. Here, Leo can indulge in massages to his heart’s content, splash around in the whirlpool, recharge his batteries in the sauna area and spoil himself with culinary delicacies at the buffet in the evening. After all, the lion is the ruler of the zodiac, so only the best is good enough for him!


The virgo is an earth sign. These people are of a rather down-to-earth, quiet nature. Good things take time, and new information must first be thoroughly digested. But that’s exactly what the Virgo is sometimes said to be good for your health.

If she is confronted too much with changes or unpleasant truths, digestive problems can sometimes occur.

Consequently, the sign Virgo is also associated with the digestive system, especially the intestines. The great learning task for Virgo is not only to accept problems and silently swallow anger, but also to stand up for her own interests.

Stress is also poison for the virgo, because she cannot tolerate haste at all. On a purely physical level, it is important for the Virgo to strive for easily digestible, wholesome and healthy food. An individual nutrition plan that also takes into account personal intolerances could even be useful here. Too much fat and food that lies heavy in the stomach are of course taboo. However, digestion can also be stimulated with light exercise. In addition, moderate sport also strengthens the general well-being. And the more stable this is, the more resilient the Virgo is in everyday life.

The virgo is by nature a critically observant, cautious contemporary who often worries more than necessary about his health. The fear of illness is usually more pronounced with these signs than with others. So a little ailment quickly turns into something bad – at least in her imagination. Before she takes medication, however, the virgo should first go to the doctor and have it checked whether it is necessary at all.


The libra is an air sign and therefore particularly flexible and changeable. What is valid today can be outdated tomorrow. However, there is always a long phase of intensive reflection behind the scale.

We think back and forth, the pros and cons are carefully weighed up and many a sleepless night is invested in finding a decision. This can get to the kidneys.

These are also the ones who are ruled by the sign of Libra. In order to always flush them out well, it is important to drink a lot. Preferably water, unsweetened tea and light juice spritzers.

Unsolved problems can otherwise manifest themselves in the form of kidney stones. A bad mood at work or within the family, quarrels and unspoken anger are also not tolerated by the harmony-loving scales at all. Since it is a Venus sign, the pleasure of life is very important to the Libra. Sweets are just as much a part of it as relaxed moments in which one can enjoy oneself. Sport, on the other hand, is not particularly appreciated by the comfortable scales, at most it is practiced as a necessary evil.

But a bike ride in the green nature can be so beautiful! Or a walk through the botanical garden. Scales are very aesthetic and always like to cut a good figure. Therefore a home trainer would also be a sensible investment. On it you can pedal yourself into shape while watching your favourite TV show. Alternatively, gentle sports such as yoga or dancing are very attractive. Here it kills two birds with one stone, because in this way the scales can live out their sociable streak and do something for your health at the same time.


The scorpion is a watermark. As such, it is particularly sensitive and physically not particularly robust. If the soul life is disturbed, the body often suffers from it.

Psychosomatic illnesses are therefore probably not unknown to a scorpion. Sometimes it only shows itself in a slight cold or a chill.

In addition, the excretory organs of scorpions are also particularly affected. These are therefore logically assigned to the scorpion.

But a bladder infection does not have to be, one can prevent it. On the one hand, by striving for a balanced state, on the other hand, by always dressing warm enough. It is also important to drink enough water and to keep the immune system in good shape. In winter, sauna and steam bath are very useful. In summer, crisp salads, lots of fresh fruit and seasonal wholefood cuisine are at the top of the list.

As the scorpion tends to go to extremes, sport is one thing. This is where he can really get stuck and go far beyond his performance limits. The result is often an annoying muscle ache. But this passionate mountaineer, climber or jogger cannot be stopped by that either. For a Scorpio, his sport is his passion, and he will hardly let it go. However, he can do it in moderation, with enough breaks and perhaps not quite as often.

Scorpios who like to sweat in the gym should also keep one thing in mind: a lot doesn’t always help a lot. Relaxation, daydreaming and rest phases are at least as important for stable health and mental well-being as regular exercise. If you put this behind your ears, scorpions have already done a lot for your health.


The sagittarius is a fire signal and therefore particularly energetic and enthusiastic. To be quick for something fire and flame, that is typical for the shooter. And since he always finds something new to excite and captivate him, bad mood has little chance with him.

After all, life is full of opportunities, and the shooter wants to explore them all. The strong optimism with which he approaches this is his greatest strength.

If you’re in that good a mood, you’re bound to hear the saying, “In a healthy body is a healthy mind.” The shooter is not particularly susceptible to illness. No wonder, since lucky planet Jupiter rules over this sign. But it also makes sure that the Sagittarius can hardly get enough of something. This is his weak point: He can’t hold back very well and wants to enjoy all the pleasures of life to the full. Therefore he tends to be overweight. He should therefore replace all the tasty treats with fruit more often and also hold back on sugary drinks.

But not only in additional kilos, but also in other ways, immoderateness can have negative effects. Liver, gall bladder and also the heart are not happy if they are fed too often with fast food. No matter how practical it may be: cooking is the motto. Together with friends or your partner, it can also be really fun!

Since the shooter is always wholeheartedly involved, he often forgets to pay attention to the signals of his body. Tiredness is then drowned in coffee and lack of sleep robs energy in the long run. Instead, it would be better to take a break more often and enjoy the little things in life. That is what Sagittarians are particularly good at!


The ibex is an earth sign. Therefore he has a rather serious, calm disposition. It can take a little while for a Capricorn to get going.

He tends to adopt a too rigid attitude – towards life, but also towards individual views. With his down-to-earth, realistic nature, he does not let dreams count. This is good on the one hand, but on the other hand it robs himself of a lot of joie de vivre.

Since bones and the skeleton are assigned to the sign Capricorn, these are the body regions that deserve special attention. Especially the back and the spine suffer when Capricorn switches to stubborn or adopts a too stiff posture. Even if he takes on too much responsibility on his shoulders, this is noticeable. Tension can be the result, in the worst case even lumbago. Targeted relaxation exercises relieve this area, and at the same time the psyche. Swimming would be the perfect sport for an ibex!

The Capricorn likes to limit himself to the essential. Excessiveness would never occur to him. For this reason alone, he hardly has to struggle with weight problems. In case of doubt, he prefers to eat less than more or even skips a meal for work. But this should not become a habit! Instead, it would be important to consciously and specifically provide for more zest for life. He should allow himself something more often. This also helps to loosen up the inner and thus also outer attitude towards life!

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