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Health Typology by Star Sign

You want to find out how well you and your partner fit together? Or are you still looking for your dream partner and want to know which zodiac sign suits you best? You can use some Android apps for this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=astrology.daily.horoscope Every star sign has its weaknesses and strengths. This also applies to health! Whether […]

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Drink More Tap Water!

Tap water may taste different from region to region, but it does not necessarily have anything to do with its quality. Differences in taste occur if the water has been specially treated, for example with chlorine. Stadtwerke Düsseldorf, for example, disinfected its water with chlorine dioxide until two years ago. Among other things, this counteracted […]

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Shoulder pain and gym?!

You suffer from shoulder pain and have diagnosed you with a shoulder impingement you don’t know what it is? Let’s find out together Before talking about the causes and structures involved in shoulder impingement, it is good to explain first what it is. In fact, a condition of altered movement can be defined as “impingement” […]

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